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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All Your Inquiries

How is Macut Designs Construction different from its competitors?

Is it trash day? We’ll bring your cans back from the road. Is it raining when you’re not home? We’ll cover your package on the front porch. Did one of the kids leave their toys out in our way? No problem.. we’ll take care of you as if your home is our home.

Do you provide emergency service?

We know the unexpected happens, trees fall, concrete cracks, heaves or sinks posing trip hazards. Water collects and floods. When possible these small tasks can be squeezed into our rotation, before a larger repair can be scheduled. If its blocking your drive or walk paths or is plain irritating to look at everyday. Call us how we can help. It’s part of our commitment to going the extra distance for New and existing customers.

What are your financing options?

Depending on the size of the project, booking deposit, down payment, and length of project. We can make invoices and payment scheduling flexible to accommodate most customer needs. 

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